“Ms. Brenda Johnson is a forward-thinking, proactive architect of social infrastructure. She understands that our nation will only be as strong as its youth, those who will soon hold the reins in every area of public influence. Ms. Johnson is committed to making sure that young and old, privileged and disenfranchised, every person is aware of his or her incredible power and potential, and that each individual harnesses that power strategically for the good of society. Brenda Johnson is a champion of life lived to the fullest, and a great asset to any team!”

~ Johari Parnell Mitchell

“Brenda Johnson is a powerful public speaker, trainer, and youth builder. Her energetic and innovative style brings about transformation in the lives of participants.”

~ Pastor Eric L. Warren, Equip U Ministries

“I have served in public school systems as a teacher of elementary, middle school and high-school aged students for over ten years now, and I believe that if every student could experience SOE, our nation would change! The impact of the School of Esther on the day-to-day experience of students reaches far beyond cotillion night. Secrets of decorum, personal presentation and confidence that students learn in the School of Esther spill over into the way young people walk in the world…put simply, SOE students stand out!”

~ J. Parnell