Devin G.

As one of the “stars” of the School of Esther I feel I am beginning to reap the benefits from my attendance. The School of Esther taught me things that I would be faced with in everyday life. To me one of the most beneficial sessions of the School of Esther was the session about public speaking. Public speaking was never one of my strong points. I didn’t feel comfortable standing in front of a large group of people and speaking, because I did not have confidence in what I was saying and the way that I was presenting it to the group–I guess I just didn’t have confidence in myself. The School of Esther helped me to gain the confidence that I needed to stand in front of a large group of people and give a speech or do a presentation. Now that I am in college I am often faced with the task of standing in front of a large class or even a lecture hall and making a presentation. Now when I am asked to do presentations, there is no hesitation because I have that confidence to stand up and convey my knowledge to the class.

I am currently a sophomore at Winthrop University in South Carolina where I am studying to become a Physical Therapist. In the medical field you must have confidence in yourself and be able to present your knowledge to others so that you may help them to learn from what you have been taught. Without the School of Esther I feel like I would be right along with the other students in the class, but after graduating from the School of Esther I feel that I am a step ahead of the other students and have more of a sense of confidence. I appreciate all the School of Esther has taught me and thank you Mrs. Johnson for convincing me to get involved in the School of Esther.