Mission Statement

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the S.O.E. Academy (S.O.E. is an acronym for School of Esther) to impart keys to confident living and promote healthy lifestyles and socialization skills in the lives of youth. The academy targets ladies and gentlemen ages thirteen to seventeen.
Emphasis is placed on six core values:

  • character
  • diplomacy
  • purity
  • courage
  • courtesy
  • faith

as seen in the book of Esther.

Our vision is to enhance the lives of youth and their families in the following ways:

Support and partner with parents, guardians, community leaders and organizations who have a passion for the social, spiritual and academic development of youth

Build awareness for the need to equip and educate young people in the social graces and other competencies that contribute to building a positive self image

Provide educational resources and provide mentors in areas of positive male/female relationships to help youth eliminate self defeating and stereotypical behavior
Develop an awareness of the importance of oral and written communication, i.e., public speaking opportunities, speech meets and competitions, teen boards, and mass media

Provide exposure to the cultural arts, travel and community resources that open doors of opportunity for personal growth and academic success.

We provide training in social and business etiquette, employment preparation, social manners,and, social and formal dance.